Networks and Protocols team of the LIMOS laboratory

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Networks and Protocols is a research team that is part of LIMOS, a laboratory of computer science at Clermont-Ferrand (in France) which is affiliated to the CNRS (French national institute of scientific research). The team is working in the following scientific domain of the laboratory: information and communication systems.

We are working in the general area of wireless computer networks, and more specifically on lower layers of the OSI model (data link and network layers, MAC protocols and routing).

The Networks and Protocols team is organising ICWCUCA (International Conference on Wireless Communications in Unusual and Confined Areas) 2012, which will take place in Clermont-Ferrand, France, from the 29th to the 31st of August 2012.


Research in our team focuses on five topics:


Current members
Michel MissonFull
Gérard ChalhoubAssistant professor-
François DelobelAssistant
Antonio FreitasAssistant
Frédérique JacquetAssistant
Marie-Françoise ServajeanAssistant
Joël ToussaintAssistant
Affoua Thérèse AbyPhD
Honoré BizagwiraPhD
Xavier BultelPhD
Rana DiabPhD
Malick El Hadji NdoyePhD
Loïc Le GuennecPhD
Moussa Déthié SarrPhD
Hamadoun TallPhD
Former members
Chakib BaoucheFormer PhD
Sabri BenferhatFormer PhD
Walid FahsFormer PhD
Nicolas FradinFormer
Nassima HadidFormer PhD
Ismail MansourTeaching

Phone number: +33 4 73 17 70 39.

Fax number: +33 4 73 17 71 11.

Internships offers

There are currently no internships offers.


You can find here a list of our recent publications. Feel free to contact us for information on a specific publication.