Topic 1: study of the integration of 802.11 solutions in an industrial environment

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Machines of a production chain deteriorate radio communications

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IEEE 802.11 is used in multiple industrial installations as the main protocol for wireless communications. However, the presence of metallic structures in large quantities significantly deteriorates the quality of the radio links. It is usually difficult to evaluate the resulting reduction on the performance of 802.11.


Through this topic, the goal of the team is to achieve a better understanding of the specificities of the propagation conditions in an industrial or confined environment. This allows us to point out specific problems, such as showing that the use of default parameters in network simulators can lead to results that are far away from reality.

Keywords: IEEE 802.11, industrial environments, real-time traffic, confined environments, OPNET simulator, NS2 simulator.


Sabri Benferhat is doing his PhD on simulation tools of 802.11 and their bias, especially when applied to model communications in industrial environments. His contribution is focused on the proposition of a two-component model (called the split model).

Walid Fahs is doing his PhD réalise lui aussi une thèse centrée sur l'optimisation des échanges entre stations mobiles coopérantes dans une même cellule. Ceci l'a conduit à proposer différentes stratégies d'échanges comme le multi-unicast et la modification de l'algorithme de backoff de 802.11.


On this topic, LIMOS is collaborating with LATTIS in Toulouse, France and LIRMM in Montpellier, France. These three laboratories form the L2I group.

LIMOS is working with LRCS at Québec, Canada, through an agreement with universities on each country.

On specific occasions, our team is collaborating with LRL, another laboratory of Blaise Pascal University in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Current participants

Michel MissonFull professor
Frédérique JacquetAssistant professor
Sabri BenferhatPhD candidate
Walid FahsPhD candidate

Scientific contact: Michel Misson.


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