Topic 3: modelisation of LP-WPAN networks designed for tracking the contacts of mobile entities

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The objective of this research topic is to propose a model of wireless networks that is self-organised in order to answer the needs of tracking the activity of mobile entities.

We focus on three types of applications:


Our scientific perspectives is to answer to the application needs by proposing a network model that is both transparent and autonomous, that is without interfering with the activity of the mobile entities. The acronym LP-WPAN (Low Power - Wireless Personal Area Network) stands for a category of personal networks designed to have a long lifetime and whose devices have a low cost. Those devices are light and small, and can be carried easily. Such devices can appear as a badge or be integrated to a mobile equipement.

Keywords: LP-WPAN, tracking applications, bio-contamination, localisation.


In this topic, Chakib Baouche is doing his PhD thesis on the conception of a model of LP-WPAN in order to track the contacts of a mobile population.

Current participants

Michel MissonFull professor
Antonio FreitasAssistant professor
Marie-Françoise ServajeanAssistant professor
Chakib BaouchePhD student
Reda AboutamimMSc student

Scientific contact: Antonio Freitas.


AuthorsTitleConference or journalDateTopicMiscellaneous
Chakib Baouche, Antonio Freitas, Michel MissonA WPAN model to locate mobile entities in a mine galleryICWCUCA (International Conference on Wireless Communications in Underground and Confined Areas)August 2008T. 3
Gérard Chalhoub, Antonio Freitas, Michel MissonA Novel Approach for Simulating a Bio-Contamination ProcessBIODEVICES (International Conference on Biomedical Electronics and Devices)January 2008T. 3

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